First Impressions of My Ipsy Glam Bag

Most who know me, know what type of product junkie I am…whether it’s the latest lip gloss, hair gel or nail polish, I can never walk through the big box store or local drug store without passing by the beauty aisles and grabbing something new to try. My main obsession seems to be with lipsticks in particular, although I do seem to have a rather large collection of nail polishes, which is ironic because I get my nails done bi-weekly. (Please, don’t judge me….LOL)

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What’s To Come?

I have so many interests and it’s hard for me to choose just one and stay focused on it to blog about, so I finally decided that my blog will be about the multiple facets of life and the things I love most about it. You will find me post about my love for craftin’ and share projects I create. I’m a DIYer at heart, and so I’ll be sharing the little projects I get started around the house (and hopefully finish for you). I love to cook, and my latest passion is making things in my new Vitamix (at least that’s for today). I’m “mom” to eight, yes 8, felines (three females and five males), so I’ll share photos and anecdotal stories of my lovable broad who┬árun our lives and home. And, finally I will share some random inspirations I find while surfing the world wide web as well as from time to time share my outlook on life in general. I hope you will stop by often to see what’s up and get inspired as I’ve been so often inspired by the many wonderful blogs I visit regularly and now it’s time to start one of my own.